Our designs are custom handmade and tailored for you.


“I cannot tell what size the earrings are from the photos on the website.”

Tell us how big or small you want the earrings, and we will make them that size.



“Can you make the bracelet or cuff to fit my wrist?”


“The way I measured was, I got a ribbon, put a scotch tape on one end of it, taped it to my arm and brought the other end around to meet the first one. I say this, because the measurement is exact, no extra on the measurement. Hopefully from this, you can figure out, what size it should be.”


“I want this earring, but I would like a different stone color.”

Pick any earring that has the stone color that you like, and we will give you that color.



“I want these earrings in silver but the picture on the website shows gold earrings.”

Yes! We could make any style on the website in silver.


Can I get those earrings in post, magnetic back, clip or clip post combination?

Yes, you can!


“I Like this necklace, but I want it longer.”

Let us know how much longer or shorter you would like it.


“I like that chain bracelet but, the links are too big for my wrist.”

We could scale the whole bracelet up or down any amount. Each link would be larger or smaller.



“I Like the gold earring, but I want silver accents.”

Tell us where on the earring you would like that silver accent.